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Gracefully Bloomed

High quality faux flowers for your big day, small days, and every day in between. Let's create the perfect floral accessory- bouquets, crowns, and beyond- for the moments you want to make extra beautiful, to bring out your inner goddess.



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About Me

The Girl Behind the Flowers

Hello! My name is Aubrey, and I'm the maker and creator of Gracefully Bloomed. Over the past few years, I have been so humbled and excited by all that this business I love has turned into!

I am a California native, living in Utah. Thankfully I still have family in the Golden State, which means I have a built-in reason to visit often! I love spring days and summer nights, wandering in the mountains, singing along with my favorite songs, spending time with my favorite people, and sipping lemonade whenever I get the chance.

I have loved flowers for forever and a day. My business started with flower crowns, which my 'child of the earth' hippie self has always loved! I so enjoy being out in nature, and feel that bringing flowers into your life is a perfect way to bring that beautiful earth with you- even though faux flowers means that not a single bloom is pulled! (it also means you will be able to keep your creation forever, and see it looking as lovely as day one) 

I love creating custom floral beauties for weddings, editorial looks, fun vacations and day trips, and self-celebrating looks and special touches. I fully believe every woman is a goddess, and deserves to see herself as one. Anything that calls to you is something I would love to take part in! 





Bride Bouquet- $120*

Bridesmaid Bouquet- $85*

​​*Prices listed reflect the starting price for each item. Prices may vary depending on what is desired for each piece.


Crowns, Corsages, Boutonnieres

Flower Crown- $40*

Corsage- $20*

Boutonniere- $20*

*Prices listed reflect the starting price for each item. Prices may vary depending on what is desired for each item.

Decor and Floral Accessories

From centerpieces to floral jewelry, if you're dreaming about it, I want to hear about it!  As these items can vary greatly, there is no beginning price point- items which fall under this category are determined individually.